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An historical home

Thinking for who is looking for a place where spend an unforgettable stay, the Hotel Piazza Vecchia is located in a historical home of the XIV century, manor of Bartolomeo Colleoni, important leader of the time of the Serenissima.
The design and renovation was designed by the architect Edoardo Milesi, one of the leading exponents of ecological design and sustainable Italian architecture.

A place for dreamers, created by dreamers

The Hotel Piazza Vecchia was thought and wanted by the Vismara family, that will reserve you a warm and professional welcome acquired in 100 years of experience in the hospitality field, and they will try to make your journey unforgettable.

Between art and culture.

The copies of the masterpieces of Impressionists like Van Gogh, Gauguin and of our local painter Trento Longaretti, painted by the owner Tiziana De Franceschi, enrich the common areas and the rooms.
The HotelPiazza Vecchia is the ideal spot for lovers of music and art who can find galleries, museums and events of international scope in the immediate vicinity.
The breakfast room is available for small meetings and buffets.

Do you know?


"A little unique hotel with thirteen rooms along four floors, each one with its own different view. A suggestive tower in which the ancient meets the modern."

Dear guests, an important partnership was born between two realities that welcome visitors for years to Bergamo. It is now possible to stay in the rooms of our hotel, housed in an old house in 1300 that evokes the memory of an old manor house in the village and enjoy a dinner with traditional dishes at the "tavern of Colleoni Dell'Angelo", the city's historic restaurant located in a building of Bramante which overlooks Piazza Vecchia. The internationally renowned chef Pierangelo Cornaro will fascinate you with his haute cuisine. The magic of a dinner at the Taverna del Colleoni and the romantic atmosphere of the hotel Piazza Vecchia will remain indelible in your memories...

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food Taverna del Colleoni Dell'Angelo

Piazza Vecchia 7 - Città Alta
Tel. 035 232596
h2o This hotel's water is like a godsent elixir because it is certificated to be toxin-free. Multiossigen.